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Getting started with Media DCR

Decentriq Media Data Clean Room (Media DCR) provides a simple interface to use first party data to gather insights and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Decentriq's unique security standing, running the whole platform within fully verifiable confidential computing, ensures that neither Decentriq nor the cloud provider can access any data processed in a Decentriq Media DCR.

Description and use cases

Media DCR is a no-code suite consisting of three media-specific use cases (modules). You can choose one or multiple in the same clean room:

  • Insights: In the Insights module, advertiser and publisher combine first-party data to derive aggregated insights about the advertiser’s customers based on the publisher’s attribute data. These insights are always aggregated in nature and with privacy filtering, thus they never refer to individual data subjects and thus do not constitute personal data.
  • Remarketing: Target and upsell to existing customers or users you have identifiers for. The Retargeting Clean Room allows the advertiser to find the common customers. This overlap is then extracted by either party to be used for activation
  • Prospecting: Expand the audience of your campaign while maintaining high quality targeting, using Decentriq's lookalike model. It finds prospective customers that are the most like your existing base, then delivers this audience to the publisher for activation. The training step guarantees that advertiser's data is aggregated, thus no advertiser's personal data is disclosed to the publisher and vice-versa

Participants of a Media DCR

Collaborations are complex and creating value requires several parties. This is why Decentriq's Media DCRs support different roles, including not only the first party data owners such as the brands and publishers, but also agencies and observers. Below a summary matrix of their permissions

Connect data as advertiserConnect data as publisherSee insightsCreate advertiser audiencesExport audiencesSee DCR configuration, audit log
  • Insights are only available if the Insights module is enabled.
  • Creating and exporting audiences are only available if either Retargeting or Lookalike modules are enabled.
  • *Exporting audiences by advertiser and agency is only possible if the setting is enabled.

A Media DCR collaboration in short

These are the basic steps to run a collaboration in Decentriq. No more than half an hour per campaign.

  1. Create Media DCR: The advertiser creates a Media DCR and invites the publisher to collaborate.
  2. Connect data: Both parties onboard their data to the Media DCR.
  3. Gain insights: By leveraging the insights provided in the Media DCR, the advertisers can optimize their campaigns, improve targeting, and achieve better results.
  4. Create audiences: The advertiser creates audiences to activate using either the retargeting or the lookalike audience creator. Then, they make the audiences available for activation.
  5. Activate audiences: The audience can be extracted to be activated in your bidding system of choice