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The Decentriq Platform

This is the user documentation of the Decentriq Platform. Decentriq allows you to create data clean rooms (DCRs) which are secure environments where multiple participants can collaborate on sensitive datasets without disclosing their data to anyone.

The cloud-based Decentriq Platform uses confidential computing technology. This feature of modern CPUs ensures that data are encrypted at all times, also during computation, and that the encryption keys are inaccessible. Thus, not even Decentriq or the cloud provider admins are ever able to access unencrypted data. Additionally, through the process of remote attestation, users can independently verify that the Decentriq Platform indeed runs in confidental computing (and even which source code it uses).

For more details about how Decentriq achieves its security guarantees, please refer to our technical whitepaper.

The basic workflow of a data collaboration


Each data collaboration is defined in a data clean room. By definition, a data collaboration includes at least two participants, each of which can take on one or multiple roles as DCR Creator, Analyst or Data Owner. The standard workflow follows these steps:

  1. The DCR Creator creates a new data clean room and defines the terms of the collaboration:

    • The datasets to be provisioned (names and for structured data the schema)

    • The computations that can be run on these datasets (SQL queries, Python code, ...)

    • The participants and their permissions (who can provision which dataset, who can run which computation)

  2. The DCR Creator publishes the data clean room, making it immutable.

  3. The participants interact with the data clean room:

    • The Data Owners can provision / delete their datasets

    • The Analysts can run computations and retrieve results

    • All participants can view the data status and the audit log

How to get started

To get started, you need a Decentriq account. If you don't have one yet, please contact - also for any other question, we're always happy to help.

To use the browser-based UI, log in to the Decentriq Platform and follow the Decentriq UI tutorial.

If you want to use Decentriq's Python SDK instead, create an API token in the Decentriq UI and follow the Python SDK tutorial.