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Interactive Data Clean Rooms

Users are able to embed new computations in the DCR also after it has been published. But only if the Data Owner approves them after auditing the code and the results. This way, there is no need to create a new DCR in order to simply add an extra computation. At the same time, the platform still enforces the guarantee to keep Data Owners in full control at all times.

Step 1 - Develop a new computation

Create an arbitrary Python computation in the Development tab:

Develop new computation

  • On the right-side File browser select the Synthetic data computation as Available data and write the Python code logic in the editor.
  • Press Run to execute and see results.
  • Hint: for debugging, feel free to make use of print() for example, and inspect the output console. Console output is no longer available once the computation is approved/integrated to the Data Clean Room.
  • Once confident with the results, press the Create request button to integrate this computation to the Data Clean Room.

Only tables, files and computations for which you have permissions will be accessible in this environment.

Step 2 - Request a new computation

Manage the new computations in the Request tab to be integrated in the Data Clean Room: Create request

  • Choose which participants will be able to run this computation by assigning Analyst permissions.
  • On the right-side File browser select the original dataset for the computation as Available data and adapt the Python code in the editor to reference that dataset instead.
  • Press Validate to check the script and determine the affected Data Owners by this request.
  • Once ready, Submit for approval - this will ask the affected Data Owners to review and approve the request.

Step 3 - Approve and run a new computation

Data Owners review the computations being requested in the Requests tab:

Approve request

  • When only one Data Owner is affected, it is also possible to run and preview results before approving.
  • When multiple Data Owners are affected, it is not possible to preview results, and all of them are required to approve the computation.
  • Once confident, they can press the Approve button and so that the computation gets integrated into the Data Clean Room.

As soon as all the Data Owners have approved the request, the new computation can be run directly via the Overview tab by the users with Analyst permissions: Run new computation