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Admin Portal

Decentriq offers a dedicated interface for admins. Once an organization is onboarded in the Decentriq platform, the designated Organization Admins can invite organization users and external users, browse Data Clean Rooms, and manage users all in one dashboard. Especially for enterprises, it makes the process of onboarding new data partners and managing multiple collaborations smoother.

Organization users are members of the same organization the Admin belongs to. External users, in contrast, are users belonging to a different organization that might not have a Decentriq account yet. In order for them to participate in Data Clean Rooms created by users of the admin's organization, they need to be invited first.

Access the interface

To access the admin portal, you can click on the sidebar in the Decentriq UI. This option is only available for Organization Admins.

Sidebar menu


In the settings tab, you can check the current status of your organization:

Settings tab

  • Logo - upload and remove a logo in the PNG format.
  • Name - edit the display name of your organization.
  • License status - see your current subscription.
  • Available Data Clean Rooms - the types of Data Clean Rooms all your organization users can create.
  • Available computation types - the types of computations all your organization users can create in data science clean rooms.
  • Allowed domains - you can only add to your organization a user whose email address matches one of the these domains. Users activity will be counted against your organisation’s quota. To invite external collaborators to the Decentriq platform, use the External Invitations tab.


The users tab lets you browse current users and add new Organization Admins:

Users tab


When publishing new Data Clean Rooms, participants who don't have an account will not be invited automatically. Please make sure to add them as users of your organization or to invite them as external users.

To add a new user:

  1. Click + Add organization user and enter the email and role.

    Create user

  2. The user will be able to access the Decentriq UI at and sign up using that specified email.

  3. Once signed up, they receive a verification link by email and are ready to use the platform.


The newly added organization user will not receive an invitation by email.

To edit an existing user role: click on the user in the list and change the role in the popup.

To delete an existing user: click on the user in the list and press the Delete button in the popup.

When a user is deleted from the platform, all data uploaded by the user and API tokens associated with the user are deleted. All DCRs created by the user are deactivated.

Data Clean Rooms

The list of all DCRs where at least one user of your organization is a participant, filtered by month and organization.

DCRs tab

DCRs are active as soon as a user from a different organization uploads data or runs a computation. In the meantime, users of your organization can interact with these DCRs - they will just not be counted as an active collaboration with another organization.

To see more details, click on the DCR in the list:

DCR details

It's possible to deactivate any DCR created by users of your organization by pressing the Deactivate button in the popup. Participants will no longer be able to provision new datasets nor run any computations or fetch existing results from the DCR. Existing datasets will not be deleted and the audit log will remain accessible.

DCR creators can alternatively stop their published DCRs, leading to the same limitations as the deactivated DCRs. An Organization Admin cannot stop a DCR on behalf of the DCR creator.

When a DCR creator is deleted via the Users tab, all their DCRs will be automatically deactivated.

Collaborating organizations

In this tab, you can see the organizations that have participated in the same Data Clean Rooms as users from your organization, on a monthly basis.

It's also possible to filter by DCRs created by your organization users.


this only shows active DCRs in a given month. To count all DCRs, remove the activity period filter by pressing the calendar icon then the “Clear” option.

Collaborating organizations tab

External invitations

Use this tab to invite users who do not match your organization email domains. These users will only be able to participate in Data Clean Rooms but not create them. They will not appear in the Users tab of your organisation and do not affect your organisation’s quota.

External invitations tab


The invited external user will receive an invitation by email.


When publishing new Data Clean Rooms, participants who don't have an account will not be invited automatically. Please make sure to add them as users of your organization or to invite them as external users.